October 2017

Series of 22 postcards


Participated in a group exhibition "Deconstruction" at École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nîmes, France in October 2017.


Postcards: Each 10*15 cm

2 sides Laser printing on Duplex carton


Postcard stand2 meters*40 cm


A realistic picture made artificially.

The terrains were sculpted by using a 3D modeling software with real data from actual terrains all around the world. The surfaces are molded into the terrains, creating a semi-realistic feeling to the image. A contrast between the locations is being kept: A surface from Israel on a  terrain from Alaska.

The postcards are a display of a semantic connection between the words "Exile" and "Postcard" in the Hebrew language: גלות וגלויה (Galut=exile and Gluya=postcard), both from the same root.

These landscapes present a world that exists only virtually. Our exile is not to a physical place, but a virtual one, and it had started from the moment we hooked up to the digital space.

View from the installation at École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nîmes, October 2017