How to Sum up an Experience

April 2018

Series of 10 books

Varying number of pages for each book


Pages: 15.5*21 cm

- Xerox printing on gray hue recycled wood-free paper

- Thread binding


Cover: 29.7*42 cm

- Inkjet printing on wood-free paper

- Folded and can be opened to a poster

- Binded with bare gray carton as cover

How do we experience our lives in the age of mechanical reproduction?

The mobile camera has become an apparatus that does not only work as a documenter, but also a screen. The experiences go a long way of encrypting, a process that transforms them into images.

During these encrypting processes, phantom images are being born into the virtual world as a side effect, these are texts that do not appeal to the human eyes, but for the machines.

Behind these encrypted texts lays a void, an empty conputer language.

By printing and binding these texts like regular human books, I explore the relationship between fearing of the forgetness of experiences and the archives of computerized texts.

View from the installation at the Multidisciplinary art department of Shenkar College, April 2018