Chen Varsano was born in Israel in 1993. She lives and works in Bat Yam, Israel. She completed her B.F.A at Shenkar Multidisciplinary art school in 2019 with honors.


She is surfing through different types of artistic mediums, such as video art, net-art and artist book making. She identifies herself mostly as a digital media artist, researching the dynamic virtual lives that can be held possible though media. Throughout her artistic practice, she tends to feed of the digital world and process aesthetics and ideas born with pixels. Her research deepens into the differences of the digital world and the physical one, hence the book-making, as a physical medium that holds a great difference than the internet, being a perfect contrast to explore the gaps.


Chen participated in ‘Atar’ residency in Jaffa museum, and will participate in several exhibitions of ‘The Wrong Biennial’ and participated in Zumu museum’s artist in residence program in Kiryat Yam. She is the founder and an active participant in Audio Visual Club collective - An Israeli female video art collective.